Mississippi Deer Hunting Membership Information

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Magnolia Outdoors Deer Membership in Mississippi are Now Available!

With this Deer Lease Membership, you will share the October – January whitetail deer hunting season with only 14 other members and have full access to over 1,000 acres as well as our 5,500 square foot 5-Star Estate.  

Join the Magnolia Deer Hunting Membership Club today & 

​Whitetail Hunt in LUXURY!

You or your guest can harvest a total of 4 deer for no extra fees or cost.

  • 2 Doe
  • 2 Management Bucks
  • 2 Trophy Bucks
  • 1000+ Acres exclusive for our Club Members
  • We plant abundant Fall and Summer Food Plots allowing you to deer hunt over free-standing Sunflowers, Corn, Wheat, Oats, and more!
  • We run High Protein Feeders year-round to make sure our deer get all the nutrition they truly require. Only when you come to hunt will we offer the deer the irresistible Candy Corn ration.
  • Comfortable stands for deer hunting, whether it be a Shooter House, Double Man Ladder, or Millennium Lock-on.
  • Scheduled ATV access
  • Invite your friends and family to relax in the Hunting Lodge while you hunt.
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Magnolia Outdoors Deer Membership in Mississippi

Magnolia Club Handbook

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Magnolia Outdoors Outfitters

Mississippi Hunting Lodge includes:

  • 6 Bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 2 kitchens, multiple lounge areas
  • Shooting Range
  • Unlimited catch and release fishing
  • Satellite TV and Wireless Internet
  • Entertainment room with pool table and foosball​

Additional lodging available at our Farmhouse as well as RV Camper hookups.

Join today and only Hunt in LUXURY!

General Whitetail Deer Hunting Membership Rules

1. Deer Hunting Club Membership is for one hunter. Club members may hunt with 1 guest only. A club member must be present with the guest while on the club’s property. If a guest kills a deer, both the club member and guest must sign-out the deer. Guest must abide by the club’s harvest rules unless the deer is the guest’s “first-ever” deer harvested.  
2. All members must have a valid Magnolia Outdoors Hunting Club Membership card on his / her person and accessible to show to any Club Management Officer, Club Member, and/or Law Enforcement Officer.  
3. All Guest must be accompanied by a club member while on the club’s property.  
4. Only Club Members can work on club properties. If a Club Member wants to do any work, it must be pre-approved by Management in writing. Work completed by Club Member will be available for use by all Club Members. 
5. Club Membership dues for 2021/22 are $5,500.00 to be paid in full by October 1st , 2021. 
6. Magnolia Outdoors Club Membership year starts October1st and ends January 31st for lodging and starts August 1st and ends February 14th for field. Membership slots are filled on a first paid basis. Current Members in good standing have membership renewal preference until March 1st. New members will be accepted based on available (open) membership slots.  
7. All Rules and Regulations are subject to change at Club Management discretion.

Deer Harvest Rules

8. Mississippi (MSDWPF) hunting regulations apply to all club properties. Additional club restrictions also apply.  
9. Magnolia Outdoors Club Tracts are Bullock Road and Charlie Rhodus. Refer to the Property Board Map located in the lodge.  
10. A maximum of two (2) does per membership may be harvested. One (1) of the allowed does must be harvested with a bow or muzzle loader. 
a. Harvesting doe on a club food plot is only allowed only with a bow or muzzle loader.   
11. A maximum of two (2) bucks may be harvested per club member and must have a minimum 15” inside spread or 16” for both main beams.  
12. A maximum of two (2) Management Bucks may be harvested per club member. Management Bucks must be on the Management Hit List published by Club Management. If you would like a deer added to the Management Hit List, please email photos to MagnoliaOutdoors@yahoo.com  
13. For any deer harvested, a picture and the jawbone must be given to Club Management within 14 days of kill.  
14. Hunter’s harvesting a buck that does not meet the minimum requirements will be fined $500.00 and will not be allowed to hunt until the fine is paid. This harvest will also be counted as one of the allowed 2 harvested bucks.  
15. Any deer harvested by a Club Member Guest will be counted as a Club Member kill and will be deducted from the overall allowable harvest.  
16. Only Still Hunting is permitted on all membership properties.  
17. Dog Hunting and Deer Driving is prohibited.  
18. **Any time a trigger is pulled, regardless of outcome, an alert must be sent to the group chat before exiting the stand. ** 

Small Game Harvesting Rules

20. All Small Game Hunting is prohibited

Predator Hunting Rules

21. All State Game Laws apply 
22. Trapping is prohibited 
23. **Any time a trigger is pulled, regardless of outcome, an alert must be sent to the group chat before exiting the stand. **

Fishing Rules

24. Club Management will keep all ponds stocked 
25. Bass and Brim are “Catch and Release” only UNLESS you intend on mounting.  
26. All State Game Laws apply to Catfish Harvesting 
27. Bait and Tackle to be provided by Club Member.

Booking Rules

28. Stands can only be reserved at a maximum of one (1) week in advance via group chat.  
29. Lodging can be reserve at a maximum of two (2) weeks in advance via emailing magnoliaoutdoors@yahoo.com  
30. All members must mark the property board map while visiting or hunting a property.  
31. Do not erase another member’s markings on the property board map.

Land Management

32. Club Management will be responsible for all land management, including, buy not limited to:  
a. Planting food plots 
b. Provide and keep full all feeders 
c. Putting out minerals 
d. Care and maintenance of all stands and trails 
33. Club Members will not be expected to perform any land management but are able to do so at only a volunteered basis. All work performed must be approved by Club Management in advance in writing. Club Members agree that any work completed is to be shared and to be utilized by all Club Members.  
34. If Club Member elects to provide additional Food Plots and Feeders, they must be approved in advance by Club Management and will be shared by all Club Members.  
35. Food Plots and Feeders are not to be removed or moved without Club Management present. If there is no name on the feeders it is assumed Magnolia Outdoors is the owner and removal is prohibited.

The Lodge

36. Lodging is reserved at a first come basis and can only be reserved with a maximum of two (2) weeks’ notice by emailing magnoliaoutdoors@yahoo.com. Lodging is not always guaranteed due to available space. However, Club Management will make all attempts to accommodate including offering space in the Magnolia Outdoors Palomino (if available). 
37. When reserving your stay, you will be assigned a bedroom. Specific Room requests will be considered but not guaranteed. Club Management will assign rooms at the time of arrival to ensure all Club Members are provided with adequate space.  
38. Club Members are responsible for cleaning the following after any overnight stay:  
a. Clean and put away all used dishes 
b. Take all trash to the street side dumpster 
c. Remove all bed linens and place in laundry room  
d. Club Management is responsible for all other cleaning after each Club Member stay 
39. Club Members have first rights to bedrooms. If there are vacant rooms, Hunters may bring guests for lodging only.  
40. The Lodge is to be shared by all Club Members. It is agreed and understood when reserving the Lodge, you are only reserving a bedroom and do not have exclusive access to the home, unless otherwise agreed in advance by all Club Members.  
41. Rooms are assigned/reserved for Club Members and their guests for exclusive use during your reserved time only. Club Members are not to leave any personal items in the lodge when unreserved.  
42. Club Members are prohibited from entering any bedroom that is not reserved for them during their stay.  
43. Living Rooms, Kitchens, Game Room, and all hall entry bathrooms are considered shared space and can be accessed by all Club Members and their guests at any time during their reservation.  
44. Entry to the Basement is prohibited 
45. It is the responsibility of all Club Members to treat the Lodge as their own and agree to respect all other occupants by maintaining a clean space and orderly conduct.  
46. It is understood that normal wear and tear will occur without penalty but any above normal damage, as determined by Club Management, will not be tolerated. If damage occurs, the Club Member will be responsible for all costs and/or, at Management discretion, removed from the Club without refund.

RV Camping

47. Club Members may place a camper at the “camping area” between October 1st and January 31st.  
48. Campers are not to be left at Magnolia Outdoors unless being occupied by a Club Member during a reserved time.  
49. Camper spots are booked at a first come basis and can only be reserved with a maximum of two (2) weeks’ notice by emailing magnoliaoutdoors@yahoo.com  
50. Contact Club Management if you have questions regarding camper usage, placement, and removal.

Hunting Lease Stands

51. All Stands, provided by both Club Management and Club Members, will be shared amongst all Club Members.  
52. Stands may be reserving within a seven (7) day notice via group chat.  
53. If a Club Member elects to provide their own stand, the Club Member agrees to the following:  
a. Stands will be shared by all Club Members 
b. Stands will adhere to all Club Management Stand Rules 
c. Placement of the stand must be approved by Club Management  
d. All stands must be clearly marked with your name unless being donated 
e. Stands will be added to the Property Board Map by Club Management 
54. Stands may only be moved/removed by their marked owner. If there is no name on the stand it is understood to be the property of Club Management.


1. All feeders will be provided and managed by Club Management. If a Club Member elects to provide an additional feeder, the Club Member agrees to the following:  
a. The Feeder will be shared by all Club Members 
b. The Feeder will adhere to all Club Management Feeder Rules 
c. Placement of the feeder must be approved by Club Management  
d. All feeders must be clearly marked with your name unless being donated.  
e. Feeders will be added to the Property Board Map by Club Management

Rules of Conduct

1. No shooting over an adjoining landowner’s property. 
2. Approved “Sight-In” area for rifles will be designated by Club Management 
3. Sight-in rifles prior to opening day of Deer (Archery) season – sight-in is not allowed after opening day.  
4. If you see someone trespassing, try to get their name, license plate and picture. Call 911 and ask for a game warden to report the event. Provide all details to Club Management including the date and time.  
5. Members are asked to always carry a camera (cell phone cameras are acceptable).