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After managing a beautiful estate in Magnolia, Mississippi. The fellas set up an amazing partnership with land owner, Mr. Hank Ton. This is where Magnolia Outdoors was born! Now we have the opportunity to offer you ''tried and tested'' guides from all over North America chasing big game, LOCALIZED right back down to their home zone guiding hunters from all over North America. The estate is known as The Old Dairy Farm, and is exactly what it is retired from 20 years now. 2016 will be the first-year Eastern Turkeys are ever hunted on this property. We have management plans in place to preserve the longevity of our wildlife, therefore bookings during Turkey & Whitetail Season is limited.

Many years ago, a few Cajuns from Louisiana, became close friends. These guys grew up together since grade school, hunting and fishing every chance they could get. After learning their southern roots of hunting and fishing, they began to branch out. From the far North of Lebel Sur Quevillion in Quebec, all the way West to Navajo Indian territory in New Mexico, to the Midwest of SE Kansas, these fellas gathered endless amounts of hunting experience and knowledge. After working for a major hunting outfitter for several years, the roads became long traveled and families were missed! Later, the three Cajuns retired from the long stays away from home.

The Main Lodge has an extraordinary view of the property and is equipped with many amenities. This is a fully furnished Lodge with 5-star comfort and luxury. There are multiple lounge areas and even a swimming pool for clients to use during the Spring & Summer! We also have true Cajun cuisines prepared for our hunters fresh on arrival. We set up our packages to cater to your every need. Don't forget to check out our Spring Turkey Hunting Packages.

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